Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Flow Cup Racing Mission

The Black Rock Flow Cup is a collective of riders and racers looking to bring a new style of racing and contest to the scene.

The Black Rock Flow Cup downhill course, also know as Transitional Speedway, has a lot of different aspects of riding throughout. We have been working on this course now for over two years. All categories will race on the same trail. The faster lines will be the harder way to go or expert way. This will make things more progressive for all ages. This is not your usual D.H. course. It has a lot of flow to it, but it also has technical rock sections with a few ladders to spice it up. We also threw in a couple of huge jumps. It is a little longer than most D.H. courses, being approximately 1.5 miles top to bottom. We have been seeing times from five to five and a half minutes. A few new re-routes have been done recently and should shave off a few seconds, but it is still going to be more like an endurance D.H. We are also working on doing a super-d that would go from the top to the orange gate.

The soon to come Black Rock Flow Cup Freeride Event will be held on the upper Grandma Kitchen line. Again this course has been in construction mode for a couple of years now.

The aforementioned Black Rock Flow Cup Super-D  and Cross Country race is in planning for future race events.

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